The base consists in a membrane with holes with size of water molecule, i.e. 0,0005 micron. It guarantees that it will eliminate everything bigger than the membrane holes with 85–98% efficiency. For example bacteria, viruses, molecules of hazardous chemical elements, pesticides, nitrates and heavy metals are bigger than the membrane holes. Treated water is also rid of chlorine taste, unpleasant smell and undesirable coloration. It also eliminates directly arsenic, asbestos, lead, iron, manganese, radium, petroleum products and all other undesirable substances burdening our organism. You will get excellent drinking water with positive influence on your organism with the help of Energy product activating the energy of water and managed retrograde mineralization that enriches drinking water with minerals in ideal ratio and quantity. The 180 000 satisfied customers evidence it.

Assembly is included in price of the device; guarantee period is 5 years; guarantee and post-guarantee servicing is provided all over the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Standard components

  • Mechanical filter PX 20
  • Purtex PX 5 + CVCA (combination of mechanical and carbon filter in one)
  • Semipermeable membrane
  • Two-way valve
  • Pressure tank 10 l (inner volume)
  • In-line filter
  • Mineralizing cartridge
  • UV lamp 6 W (AQUA 400), 4 W (AQUA 200)
  • Mixer tap (chromium)
  • AQUA Energy

Technical data:

Suitable only for water from municipal system with max. pollution of 2000 microS/cm
Placement – under the sink or according to customer wishes.
Inlet water temperature: 10–30 °C
Inlet pressure: 2,45–10,5 bar**
Efficiency of semipermeable membrane: 85–98 %*
Size (width × height × depth): 360 × 420 × 180 mm
Size of expansion vessel: height 420 mm (with tap), diameter 290 mm
Device performance: 192–240 l/24 h*** (with bigger membrane up to 576 l/24 hour)

* effect of semipermeable membrane under standard conditions
** if the pressure of inlet water exceeds 10,5 bar we suggest installing a pressure-reducing valve
*** according to inlet conditions and the semipermeable membrane used