Highest-quality products having direct influence on life quality, combined with modern sale method allowing people to build their own flourishing business.

The history of AGRO AQUA PRO is a history of strong vision of one man that, in combination with his determination, diligence and consistency, developed into a company working in a number of European countries with more than 180.000 business partners and customers.

The common denominator of all AGRO AQUA PRO products is water, the most strategic raw material of the present and the future, that has a lot of unique characteristics in its different forms. Perfectly clean water from our filters keeps the body in better condition; water in form of vapour has excellent disinfecting, degreasing and cleaning characteristics; and last but not least, water is almost impermeable barrier for dust and dirt in AQUA vacuum cleaners.

But AGRO AQUA PRO is not only products for better and higher-quality life but particularly a sophisticated sale, training and commission system, thanks to which everybody without difference can establish their own business and succeed. Without risk, without investment, without education, without patronage.

If you want to push your life to another level, whether as our pampered customer or successful collaborator, you have found the right way to us.