The company AGRO AQUA PRO Ltd. was founded in 2000 as a trading company specialised in filtration of water both in households and larger objects (hotels, firms, department stores). In the course of time, it started to engage in own development and projection of filtration plants, and finally it came to manufacture varied types of filtration plants for treatment of water. Its 13-years experience in the area of preparation of potable water yields results in high-performance and efficient water treatment plants. The range of our knowledge starts with standard water treatment procedures, achieving subsequently a high level of solution of customized demands and requirements. The ambit of our competence goes from final treatment of potable water on the principle of reverse osmosis in households up to water processing and treatment for large-scale projects of maximum exactingness. In co-operation with designers and by means of our own research we are able to resolve any demanding clients' requirements. After 13 years, we have got more than 180.000 installations running all around the world, and we provide for their servicing every year.

"Our philosophy is to improve quality
of life"

Our company was founded to satisfy the customers in Czech market in particular, but nowadays, we operate in international market as well, namely in 4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan). Thanks to research, high quality and wide scale of products we are able to satisfy any requirements for processing and treatment of water intended both for private consumption and for industrial use.

For this purpose, we endeavour to fulfil any requirements and wishes of customers in the area of preparation of water treatment systems, which comply with high technological standards and at the same time, secure maximum utilisation of our equipment and products.

Certification of the Company according to the standard ISO 9001:2008.