The development of this new filtering device was carried out under involvement of AQUEL, a company that specified, thanks to ten years of experience, exactly its demands to be met by the product. Additionally to compact design and newly also colour modifications, high quality and general innovation of the system was emphasized as always. The device makes use of the current newest technologies, guaranteeing the highest quality of drinking water. AQUA Filtering Device 1000 has five-year warranty, service exchanges after 6–12 months according to the quality of input water, easy installation and the possibility of placement above or below the kitchen units. AQUA 1000 is produced exclusively only for AGRO AQUA PRO Ltd. company, including the patented filter cartridges and the general system modification.

Advantages of AQUA 1000

  • new compact design (to be used above or below the kitchen units)
  • digital display - operation, control and regulation with variable setting
  • pressure pump
  • own patented filter cartridges
  • controlled mineralization
  • flood sensor
  • UV lamp 4 W
  • small expansion vessel, 8 liters (inner volume 5 liters)
  • simple installation
  • electronic setting of service exchanges
  • optional choice of colours (white, black, blue, silver)

The digital display offers:

  • indication of all filters – control of their lifetime
  • value of quality of filtered water in the membrane – filtering quality with critical setting
  • measuring of water pressure – the system will shut off at low value with automatic restart
  • check of tightness – sensor with automatic stop of water feed
  • filling of expansion vessel
  • indication of filtering in progress
  • setting of service exchange with automatic stop of operation

Technical data:

Size (width × height × depth): 280 × 390 × 420 mm
Efficiency of semipermeable membrane: 85–98 %*
Inlet water temperature: 10–30 °C
Inlet water pressure: 2,5–6 bar**
Device performance: 50–300 l/24 h***

* effect of semipermeable membrane under standard conditions
** if the pressure of inlet water exceeds 6 bar we suggest installing the pressure-reducing valve
*** according to inlet conditions and the semipermeable membrane applied