AQUA AF 2000 MOBILE are R.O. filtration systems designed to treat water of dubious nature, where it is necessary to solve any water emergency.

The automated functions control is realized by an electronic digital unit with microprocessor, programmable even at a distance (if requested it is possible the installation of interface card and GSM modem for monitoring and remote management).

All function are monitored by LCD display. To facilitate transport and installation, all AQUA AF 2000 MOBILE systems are supplied in a special container, specially designed for this functions.

Technical data:

  • Production per hour: 200–1000 l/h
  • One-shot draw-off: 2000l of potable water
  • Possibilities of using: Solar panels, Wind power plant
  • Electric network: 220 W
  • Dimensions (w×h×l): 2400×2500×4880 mm